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Frequently Asked Question

Here you’ll find a list of common questions we get all the time about our outdoor privacy curtains and custom shade sails.

Privacy Curtains FAQ

We have a patented track system which we build on-site when we hang your curtains. The track system is assembled using the same aluminum components as the typical aluminum screen enclosure. The track is bronze or white depending on the color of your screen enclosure. When installed, the track blends seamlessly into your enclosure and looks like it’s a natural part of the structure.

We can use just about any type of fabric for our curtains. However, we have chosen Sunbrella Marine Canvas for it’s UV resistance to fading and 10-year fade-free warranty. This material is also waterproof and bleach cleanable. Sunbrella is a recognized name in the marine and outdoor furniture industries and their fabric is made to last!

Sunbrella marine canvas is breathable but some of our other less expensive PVC coated fabrics will not be as breathable as the Sunbrella marine canvas.

Our curtains are custom-made according to your privacy needs and the limitations of your screen enclosure. We’ve made curtains as tall as 11 feet.  The main things to remember when considering the height of your curtains is 1) how high do you need to go to get the privacy you need, and 2) curtains over 7 or 8 feet tall, will likely require a stepladder to completely connect or disconnect the curtain panels.

The width of your curtains depends on the structure of your pool cage and the look you want to achieve with them open and tied back. If your concern is simply privacy and ease of function, then limit the number of curtain panels as much as possible. Ask your Distributor representative if you need a few more curtain panels to create an elegant cabana look.

Since our primary goal is privacy and/or shade, the curtains are not useful for creating a water-tight space. However, because the curtains are water-proof, they will keep water out of the living space and force the water to run straight down to the floor. This will help keep your furniture and outdoor electronics dry.

Our outdoor curtains are for privacy, shade, and decor and are not designed to act as a wind-barrier. However, they can be left closed to block those cold breezes we get in the Florida winters. The curtains should be unfastened from the bottom of your enclosure during winds exceeding 20 mph to prevent damage to the fabric. We’ve made it very simple to take the curtains down in preparation for bigger storms and hurricanes.

Sunbrella recommends just hoping them off once a month. Spots or stubborn dirt can be cleaned with a water/bleach solution.

Privacy On Demand systems are designed with storms in mind, making it easy to store the curtains safely in no time. All you need to do is remove the stoppers from either end of each track section and pull out each curtain panel until the nylon slider of the hook assembly slides free from the track’s end. There is no requirement to take the hooks away from the grommets.

Alternatively, you can leave the curtains hanging and either tie them back and leave them in place or draw them together to form larger bundles of curtains and tie them together, depending on the anticipated wind speeds.

When storms or high winds are expected, you should always keep your curtains buckled down and zipped together. This may damage the curtains and/or track system.

This warranty covers defects in the general construction of the curtains including stitching and curtain functionality. It does not cover wind damage, so adherence to storm recommendations is crucial.

Sunbrella fabric has a 10-year fade-free warranty, which covers color loss due to sunlight, but does not cover abrasion, so you should avoid actively rubbing the curtains against hard surfaces.

Over 100 colors and three different texture patterns are available in Sunbrella marine canvas.

Privacy On Demand curtains are designed to limit movement from winds as much as possible. For those on screen enclosures or pool cages for privacy, marine-grade webbing straps are sewn into the bottom of the curtains on the back side with side-release buckles used to attach them securely to the bottom of the pool cage. When hung under patio headers where there is no aluminum screen structure, steel chain is incorporated into the bottom hem in order to add weight and further reduce curtain movement in light breezes.

The curtains should be tall enough that people outside your enclosure cannot see over them. Our goal is to block as many outside vantage points of view as possible.

To prevent the curtains from blowing up, the straps are buckled down at the bottom.

In addition, we offer a couple of ways of securing the sides of the curtains to the walls of the house, which will close any side gaps.

There is no limit to the height of curtains; however, we recommend they be no taller than 9 feet, and between 7 and 8 feet is generally enough for full privacy. When curtains are taller than 9 feet, there is an additional cost associated with them, as well as the inconvenience of maneuvering large pieces of fabric and closing zippers completely.

Accordion Content

Each curtain panel has a Sunbrella fabric tie-back sewn onto it. However, we recommend waiting until the fabric has had time to soften before using them, because they may cause chalking. Tie-backs should be tied snugly to prevent movement but not so tightly that they crush the curtain fabric if they are used.

To open or close the curtains, they are simply pulled by hand using a manual track system.

Our patented track system comes in bronze or white and is built on site at the curtain installation to ensure a perfect fit for your screened porch, patio, or lanai.

The track system is virtually maintenance-free. Occasionally, dirt and debris may accumulate in the track and need to be sprayed clear with a pressure washer or hose. You can purchase Alumi-wax from Privacy On Demand online store. As the powder-coated wears from years of sliding the curtains open and closed, the track may require some lubrication. A small amount of Alumi-wax will get your curtains sliding like the day they were installed.

It is attached to the track system with high-temp adhesive hook and loop fasteners (otherwise known as Velcro). Velcro is pressed onto the track system and screwed down at regular intervals to prevent the Velcro from detaching.

Our customers have had their curtains washed in high capacity washing machines at a coin laundry. It is not necessary or recommended, but it can be done. You can pressure-wash the curtains while they hang on your track system, over a fence, or laid out on your driveway or lawn. You can remove green pollen by using a product called Wet & Forget, which can be found at any home improvement store.

As long as you follow the wind damage mitigation procedures recommended in your curtain warranty and care instructions, Privacy On Demand’s track system actually reinforces your pool cage.

We recommend the curtains not be used to block winds greater than 20 miles per hour, as they can block light, cold winter breezes and keep your patio or pool area warm.

When properly maintained, these curtains will last 10 plus years since they are made with Sunbrella marine canvas and marine hardware.

We accept cash, checks, Zelle, and credit cards.

At this time, long-term financing isn’t an option. Instead, we currently require 66% upfront when you place your order and the remaining 34% upon completion of the installation. However, a 3-installment plan is also acceptable wherein you make payments in 33% increments. The first installment secures your spot in our Privacy On Demand queue. After that, your second payment is due once the track is installed and the third set when the curtains are put up.

You can expect your curtains to arrive approximately 4 to 6 weeks after submitting your order to Privacy On Demand. The installation process can take from 1 to 6 hours depending on the size of your order.

Outdoor curtains that are exposed to the wind and elements will often require broken hook replacement. It is a simple task for homeowners to do. Start by removing the stopper in each end of each section of track. Pull each curtain panel to the end, where the nylon slider part of the hook assembly can slide out of the track until it reaches the busted hook. Use pliers to open up the stainless steel hook and remove it from the grommet. Next, insert a new one into grommet and pinch it closed with pliers. Afterward, feed back all hooks into track system and replace stoppers at ends.

Shade Sail FAQ

Our shade sails are small enough that they don’t require cables and other hardware like the large shade sails found at playgrounds, parks, and car lots. We simply attached stainless steel eyebolts to your enclosure and clip the sails on with snap clips.

We use only SolaMesh fabric from the makers of well-known Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. SolaMesh has a 10-year fade-free warranty, is UV resistant, and is designed to last.

Yes! , you can easily detach them as long as you’re able to reach the anchor points.

With the possible exception of hurricanes, you can leave the shade sails in place. The sails are a mesh fabric that allows water and air to flow through them so wind will not catch them like a sail and they will not collect water and sag.

While our sails are less expensive than sails of equal quality, they are made from the highest quality materials. We use PTFE thread which is not flammable and has a lifetime warranty. Therefore, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our shade sails. We will replace damaged sails absolutely free with the exception of damage cause deliberately or in an attempt to modify them.

Because we want our shade sails to be easy to remove and require minimal hardware for installation the largest shade sail we will make is 8 feet by 8 feet.

We recommend hosing them off with water once a month to prevent the build-up of dirt and/or pollen on the shade sails.

“We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and privacy, and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.”
C.S. Lewis