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Extend the life of your curtains!

Florida Lanai Curtains now offers a curtain cleaning service in select areas of the state.


Curtain Cleaning Service

Regular cleaning of your Sunbrella Marine Canvas outdoor privacy curtains from Privacy On Demand will help your curtains look nicer and extend the fabric life. Over the last few years we’ve cleaned a few curtains and know what it takes to restore them as close as possible to like-new. While different factors (ie. environmental issues, level of previous maintenance, etc.) will affect the outcome of the cleaning and nothing outside can ever be fully restored to brand new, we know you’ll be much happier with your curtain investment after having them cleaned.

Curtain Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

We use a light pressure-washing to remove as much dirt and debris as possible from the curtain fabric. Your Sunbrella curtains are mold and mildew resistant so any mold or mildew should come off with the pressure-washing also.

Wet and Forget

Wet & Forget

We've recently discovered this product which does an amazing job of removing the green pollen that is so common in Florida during different times of the year. We'll apply Wet & Forget to your curtains after the pressure-washing we know and you'll be amazed at the results.

Schedule Your Curtain Cleaning Service?

Cleaning service is currently offered in the area from North Tampa to Ocala and from Spring Hill to Clermont, Florida. Schedule today and restore the beauty of your privacy and shade investment.

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