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About us

Florida Lanai Curtains

We are Central Florida’s source for Privacy On Demand® outdoor privacy curtains for your patio enclosure, screened porch, screened lanai, or pool cage. Made from Sunbrella® marine fabric and other high-quality waterproof materials, our curtains give you protection from unwanted neighbor visibility, sunlight blockage, and wind reduction while adding style and decor to your outdoor entertainment areas.

We provide custom lanai curtains installed in homes throughout the entire state of Florida to include Orlando, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale / Miami, Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, St Augustine, Daytona, Lakeland, Gainesville, and most towns and cities in between.


It is very important to us that our customers trust us to do the job right. We will never surprise you with additional costs, never change a quote we've agreed to honor, always give you the best price possible, and provide a clean and profession installation.

Customer Service

We want you to feel comfortable working with us and know that we have your best interests in mind. We will never try to sell you a product that won't add value to your outdoor space. We will do our very best to accommodate all of your design requests and let you know if something is beyond our capabilities.


We train all of our independent installers to pay close attention to detail and to do good clean work. We recognize the value you place on your home and property and we want our product to add to that value and provide a private space you would be proud to show your neighbors.

Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold. First, we are in business to improve the quality of outdoor living for Florida homeowners. We help people get the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have the ability to shut the world out and create fully-private outdoor spaces for themselves, their families, and their guests while adding elegance and comforting shade.

Second, we partner with community organizations to establish youth centers where teenagers can have a safe, fun, and cost-free place to spend their after-school hours and weekends. These youth centers are places where teens can meet with friends and have fun in an environment where they can be exposed to friendly, positive adult influences. A portion of every Florida Lanai Curtains sale goes toward this endeavor.

Our Story

Florida Lanai Curtains was started in 2017 by Merrill and Emily Burrows. Merrill had previously been an installer of Privacy On Demand outdoor screen enclosure curtains. After personally witnessing the customer reaction to these curtains and how much people loved the quality of the product and the versatile privacy they gave, he decided to start his own distributorship and Florida Lanai Curtains was born.

Privacy On Demand began selling and installing outdoor privacy curtains in Florida screen enclosures in 2007. The founder, Scott Lyons, owned a home in the Orlando area and, like many Florida neighborhoods, had houses all around his. He had neighbors right across the fence who would watch him while he lounged in his pool area. He looked at a variety of options for getting pool privacy but found nothing that would solve the problem. He decided that he would develop a curtain system for aluminum screen enclosures that he could open and close as needed and would give him “Privacy On Demand”. Scott went through the painstaking process of assembling the highest-quality materials in the marine industry for the aluminum track system and pool privacy curtains. He soon installed his new creation on his pool cage and friends and family who visited were blown away by the pool privacy he had created and the elegant look his new pool cage curtains created. Right away he started getting requests for the new pool curtain system. He applied for and was awarded a patent for the track system in 2007 and the Privacy On Demand brand was born. Since that time thousands of Florida homeowners have been enjoying a whole new level of privacy in their outdoor spaces.

In 2018, Merrill and Emily purchased Privacy On Demand. While they continue to operate Florida Lanai Curtains and act as distributors of the Privacy On Demand products, they became the owners of the product manufacturing and began running both companies side-by-side. Florida Lanai Curtains remains the leading sales and installation company for the outdoor curtains and Burrows Privacy Solutions LLC (aka Privacy On Demand) continues to be the manufacturer of these amazing curtain and shade products.

The pool privacy curtains and shade products sold by Florida Lanai Curtains are custom made by Privacy On Demand and designed specifically for Florida screen enclosures in mind. These curtains and sails are the perfect option for Florida homeowners wanting a higher level of privacy or a shady retreat from the brutal Florida sun. Privacy On Demand uses only the highest-quality outdoor marine fabrics and hardware for their products. The curtain fabric is a marine canvas that comes from the well-known line of Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. Sunbrella fabric is known for it’s ability to resist fading, mold, and mildew even in the harshest climates. The Sunbrella marine canvas curtains come with a 10-year fade free warranty. Privacy On Demand shade sails are made from an amazing sail fabric called SolaMesh. The fabric comes in 19 different colors to add a colorful flare to your pool cage. SolaMesh has a 10-year degradation-free warranty meaning these sails are not going to fall apart on you in a few short years. These sails are sewn with a lifetime-warranty thread and are built to last for a decade or more.

Privacy On Demand curtain and track systems are extremely versatile and can be installed in a variety of outdoor spaces. Florida Lanai Curtains has installed these high-quality outdoor curtains on screen enclosures, pool cages, patios without screen enclosures, and even on pergolas. Any space that needs privacy, shade, or protection from the elements is a potential space for Privacy On Demand curtains.

Helping Florida homeowners get privacy was the initial focus of Privacy On Demand. However, since Merrill and Emily started purchased the Privacy On Demand brand, they began targeting other customer needs for shade and different levels of privacy. They, along with an extremely competent sewing staff, developed an outdoor shade sail specifically for aluminum screen enclosures that does not need to be removed for hurricanes (although we do advise that removal as part of hurricane prep is a best practice). The shade sails are custom made for each enclosure and allow the customer to get shade in just the areas where they need it most. Because the shade sails installation is simple, it is easy for homeowners to add more shade sails later as the sun shifts and shade needs change.

Why choose Florida Lanai Curtains? Florida Lanai Curtains is the most experienced outdoor pool privacy curtain distributor. We have installed several hundred outdoor curtain systems in many different types of outdoor spaces. We never use high-pressure sales tactics or try to sell you more than what you need. We offer expert advice based on our years of experience with outdoor curtains and shade sails. We don’t try to tell you what you need but instead we work with you to design the perfect privacy of shade solution that meets your needs. We make sure that your curtains or sails look and function just the way you expect them too. Rest at ease knowing you have a 2-year warranty on the manufacture of the product as well as the installation.

Florida Lanai Curtains is committed to giving back to Florida communities. Our mission is two-fold. First, Florida Lanai Curtains is dedicated to improving the quality of outdoor living for Florida homeowners. By creating fully-private outdoor spaces while adding elegance and comforting shade, we help people get peace of mind that comes from knowing that they can shut out the rest of the world and shut out the world.

Second, we partner with community organizations to build youth centers where teenagers and young children can spend their after-school hours and weekends in a safe, fun, and free environment. Youth centers offer teens a chance to meet up with friends and have fun within an environment surrounded by friendly, positive adult influences. A portion of every Florida Lanai Curtains sale is donated to our partner organizations who provide these facilities to the youth of their communities.

Florida Lanai Curtains Owners

Customers absolutely loved the quality of the curtains, the privacy and freedom they provide, and the sense of security in their outdoor pool areas. And we just wanted to be part of giving that privacy to as many Florida homeowners as possible.

Since then, Privacy On Demand has expanded their product line to include shade sails and privacy mesh panels that are designed just for screen enclosures. The Florida sun can be brutal in the summer months and really keeps people from spending a lot of time in their outdoor spaces. The shade sails were designed to solve that problem by adding shade and making outdoor spaces more comfortable on sunny days.

We value our privacy and shade as much as anyone and it gives us a great feeling of satisfaction when we install  the Privacy On Demand curtain systems or shade sails for someone and they comment on how grateful they are to have found these products and to finally have the outdoor privacy and they’ve wanted and, in some cases, desperately needed.

We love this business

Meet the Owners

Merrill & Emily Burrows are an adventurous couple who love meeting people, traveling, and spending time outdoors. Mountain-biking, cycling, skateboarding, snowboarding, and hiking are just a few of their hobbies. They are also both U.S. Air Force veterans.
We started Florida Lanai Curtains in 2017 because, like many other Florida residents, we enjoy spending time in our home’s outdoor spaces with the freedom and security of knowing we aren’t being watched by our neighbors and without feeling obligated to interact with every neighbor that walks by. We love out neighbors but we don’t necessarily want to watch them or have them watching us whenever we’re outside.
It can be very challenging to have privacy outdoors when Florida homes are being built so close together. We found that Privacy On Demand screen enclosure curtains is the one product that allowed Florida homeowners to get versatile outdoor privacy. They can be opened and closed as much or as little as you need.
And when we saw the reaction that other Florida homeowners had to the Privacy On Demand outdoor curtains, we knew we were in the right business to help a lot of people.

Meet the Family

Florida Lanai Curtains is a family-owned and operated business. We all assist in someone way in the manufacture and installation of Privacy On Demand curtain and shade products.





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We love our this business


Darren Spong is the Florida Lanai Curtains Gulf Coast representative and serves our customers from Parrish to Naples. He is a handyman by trade with many years of experience in home remodeling. He is an expert installer of Privacy On Demand products. If you have creative shade and privacy ideas, he can make it happen. He has an eye for the details and is a downright fanatic when it comes to making customers happy.

Gulf Coast customers can call Darren directly at 941-544-0602.